• Question: do mermaid exist and in which sea are they found

    Asked by abcb246 to Susan, Steven, Rose, Rita, Alex on 26 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Alex Hinga

      Alex Hinga answered on 26 Jan 2017:

      Hi. Many people have claimed to have seen mermaids. In addition, mermaids appear in books, movies, art and stories from different cultures around the world. However, there is no evidence that mermaids exist.

      Your question is very interesting because scientists have debated over the years about the nature of evidence and scientific proof. Scientists gather evidence and develop theories to show what exists or how things work. To prove the existence of a mermaid, one would have to systematically collect accurate data using methods that can be repeated, examined and verified by others. For instance, you could take a picture or video of the mermaid or capture the mermaid and let experts examine it to make sure it’s not a different creature. No one has done this.

      Although there is no scientific evidence that mermaids exist – or that they ever existed – they continue to be part of our lives through imagination, stories and art.
      Did you know? the male equivalent of a mermaid is called a merman! Mermen are not as popular as mermaids.