Thank you from your winner, Steven

We asked Steven to tell us his thoughts on winning I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here this January. Here’s what he said:

I am humbled to have participated in this year’s event and to have had an opportunity to interact with students from some of the schools in Kenya. It has been a fun learning experience and I appreciate you all, from the organizers of this event, my colleagues at work and the students from the participating schools that showed great enthusiasm and were always eager to have their questions answered promptly.

The chats were well structured and it is my wish that the organizers can continue with this and similar events on a regular basis. The students were eager to get online and discuss a number of questions that they sought answers on. Many of the questions coming from the students were on health related matters, diseases that affect the body, biology and some on physics. We also had some general questions being asked and some of these required research and prompt responses which made it fun and interactive. It was a two-way learning experience and I also learnt from the students. I thank them for reminding me of some stuff that I had forgotten.

There were many questions emerging on HIV and AIDs including matters on reproductive and sexual health which indicates that some of these discussions are of primary importance to the students. Perhaps learning materials on these topics approved by the Ministry of Health in Kenya, ought to be made available to as many schools nationally.

It is my hope that at some point, we shall have a larger pool of students and scientists participating. We are all winners and my gratitude goes out to the scientists who engaged with and inspired the students, the teachers who assisted the students and allocated them time for the live chats, to students who participated, and to the event organizers for making all this happen.

Thank you all.

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