• Question: Hi, Mr Steve, - There has been roumors that the HIV virus was first discovered from a dog, is it true/ false? And if true /false how? - How long does a HIV virus take to cross to another stage? - A d0ctor after injecting a HIV positive patient it happened that the injection pierced him by bad luck and he immediately took some drugs later he explained that he got healed. What can you say about this fact? - Do sperms carry HIV viruses? - Do all HIV victims have the same signs and symptoms?

    Asked by abbb348 to Steven on 18 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Steven Adala

      Steven Adala answered on 18 Jan 2017:

      @abbb348, Thank you for your interesting question but it is not true that HIV/AIDs was first discovered from a dog. HIV and AIDs was discovered among the gay community in the US in the late 1960’s.
      Medical hazards happen all the time in hospitals, it is common for health workers like doctors, nurses, clinical officers etc to be exposed to infections and injuries when using syringes/needles, just like you are prone to accidents even at home! Ever knocked your toe against furniture or the bed? It hurts real bad.
      Once exposed to HIV accidentally in the hospital or even after a motor vehicle accident from a victim who is bleeding when doing first aid as one awaits the ambulance, it is later important to take drugs that will prevent the virus from harming the body. Post exposure Prophylaxis or PEP (sorry for the hard word) is used to treat people who may have accidentally been exposed to the virus. It is therefore equally important for anyone who has been raped to report to the hospital so that they can be given medicine to prevent them getting AIDs. PEP can heal one completely and is used every other day in hospitals and clinics upon a Doctor’s advice for rape and accident victims.
      Sperms and vaginal fluids carry a high concentration of the HIV virus form a person who has been infected. Not all HIV victims show the same signs and symptoms. Others even do not show symptoms after getting HIV and AIDs but only discover much later when they start getting sick regularly and the medicines they are taking do not work. However it is always good to know ones status so that decisions to treat or prevent it are well informed.