• Question: How can life be made possible in planet mars?

    Asked by abjb256 to Alex, Rita, Rose, Steven, Susan on 20 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Rose Kigathi

      Rose Kigathi answered on 20 Jan 2017:

      This is a huge question in the scientific world. People are still testing out various ways in which we can live on mars. The hypothesis is that life on mars is possible because it is the only planet that is very similar to earth. It is close enough to the sun to be warm enough but not too close to be too hot. Therefore some scientist are proposing that it is possible to modify the planet so it an be habitable.

      My opinion/hypothesis, with enough money, people can try build greenhouse-like structures?But there is no water in mars, so first that would need to be solved.

      What about you? Can you propose a hypothesis of how we can make life on mars possible?