• Question: is it true that AIDS has no cure

    Asked by prince odhow to Susan, Steven, Rose, Rita, Alex on 17 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Steven Adala

      Steven Adala answered on 17 Jan 2017:

      @aanb286, sure HIV or AIDs has no cure, the virus is hard to fight once it gets into the body since it weakens the human immune system. So we simply have the bad soldiers (virus) fighting the good soldiers (white blood cells) in the body and the bad soldiers winning and eating off the good soldiers as they gain strength. The body starts to weaken and gives way to other sicknesses that would have easily been fought off if the virus had not got into the body. So the bad soldiers allow other diseases like tuberculosis, some types of cancer, and skin conditions to weaken the body. The damage to the body can only be slowed down by using a combination of drugs advised by the doctor, who also give advice on the foods to eat so that the body boosts its immunity to fight off the bad soldiers.

    • Photo: Rose Kigathi

      Rose Kigathi answered on 17 Jan 2017:

      Yes. The virus HIV cannot be killed. Once you contact the virus it remains in your system. Doctors use methods of managing the virus, by taking a combination of many drugs called “anti-retrovirals” the progression of HIV to AIDS is slowed down.

    • Photo: Susan Gachau

      Susan Gachau answered on 19 Jan 2017:

      Yes, so far HIV has no cure however, there are drugs available to suppress the viral load and stop progression on the disease.