• Question: what challenges do scientist face?

    Asked by abab256 to Alex, Rita, Rose, Steven, Susan on 19 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Rose Kigathi

      Rose Kigathi answered on 19 Jan 2017:

      In science, one of the biggest challenges is getting the scientific information to the general public. This means many scientific findings especially in Kenya are ignored by people since they do not realize it is helpful. We can cure diseases invent vaccines, help breed plants resistant to diseases and drought etc.

      The second challenge of science especially in Kenya is getting money to do research. We often have to look for money to do research and this can sometimes be very challenging as you have to compete with scientist from all over the world for international funding.

    • Photo: Rita Mudza

      Rita Mudza answered on 20 Jan 2017:

      scientist face a myriad of challenges the main being the long hours a scientist has to put so as to succeed in scientific research, at times loosing on events in the community and also loosing friends. However, being able to succeed in research and providing solutions to life’s problems beats all the challenges because it is the fun part ):